So you are thinking about adding a Golden retriever to your family – congratulations!
While Goldens make excellent family dogs and are very versatile, they are not the breed
for everyone. They are active dogs, members of the Sporting Group, developed to retrieve
both on land and in water. Goldens require an outlet for their energy, which will require
interaction on your part! Goldens do love water, whether swimming in a pond or
playing in a mud puddle, and some would rather get dirty than take a bath. Size is also
a consideration, females average 22 inches tall at the withers and weigh approximately
60 pounds while males average 24 inches and 75 pounds. Goldens do shed, though regular
grooming helps keep shedding and tangled feathering to a minimum.
Goldens are people-oriented
dogs and therefore do not do
well when relegated to living
apart from their families. They
are intelligent and will think of
ways to try joining people –
often in ways owners do not
find acceptable such as barking,
digging and jumping fences.
And while Goldens are
intelligent, they need direction
in the form of obedience
training from an early age.
Puppies are puppies and cannot
be expected to have the perfect
manners of a well-trained dog.  
When raising a puppy, close supervision is a key
element to success. This includes restricting a pup’s
mobility to areas where constant supervision can
be provided, using baby gates or other barriers to
keep the pup in sight. Crate training is also
advocated – think of a crate as your puppy’s
bedroom, a personal space that is a safe haven. A
crate can help save the legs of that expensive
dining room table as well as help make potty
training easier.

Bonefeathers puppies are raised in a home
environment, with close supervision throughout
their young lives. Due to this close interaction
with a litter, we match puppies to prospective
families. A family may come and spend an hour
with a litter and not see a pup’s true personality,
for a variety of reasons. Applicants are interviewed
and asked to fill out a questionnaire, these are
tools used to help match puppies with families.
Litters are given ample
opportunities for socialization,
with a variety of people
visiting and playing with the
pups. Their young minds are
given problems to solve with
an assortment of toys and
equipment to play with. They
are allowed to walk on
various surfaces and have
supervised time outdoors. We
use early developmental
stimulation for puppies during
their first two weeks as well as
aptitude test at seven weeks.
Pups are all vet checked, vaccinated and microchipped prior to leaving for their new
homes. Puppies are sold on limited AKC registration with spay/neuter contracts. Health
guarantees are offered and outlined in the contract. We do not ship puppies under any

If you would like more information regarding an upcoming litter, please contact us and
we would be happy to speak with you. Telephone calls are preferred.
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