Bonefeathers Farscape Moya Am/Can CDX, RAE,
2005 was a stellar year for Moya –
especially the second half.

Between mid June and mid November,
Moya completed a total of eight titles
from start to finish. Four of those
titles were completed at the 2005
GRCA National in Gettysburg, PA.

In Rally obedience, Moya finished all
three levels – Novice, Advanced and

AKC obedience saw a CDX title
finished at the National.
Novice A 20" Jumpers With Weaves Agility
First Place - 2005 GRCA National, Gettysburg, PA
North of the border, Moya earned
both her Canadian CD and CDX
obedience titles.

Moya made her agility debut in 2005,
earning her Novice Standard and
Novice Jumpers With Weaves titles –
both of which were completed at the

Moya does have a wonderful work
ethic, as demonstrated by her above
accomplishments, and a true Golden
temperament. As a TDI certified
therapy dog she routinely visits local
adult rehabilitation centers, working
with the developmentally disabled.
Open A Obedience - CDX Title Completed
2005 GRCA National, Gettysburg, PA
Spring 2006 heralded the arrival of
Moya’s second litter of pups, four girls
and two boys. Three months after the
pups were born Moya was back in
training for agility, then made her
Canadian Kennel Club agility debut
at the end of July. She finished her
Agility Novice with Jumps (AgNJ)
title in one weekend, with a fourth
place finish on her final run. In the
Standard ring she had two out of three
qualifying runs, earning fourth and
first place. In addition to taking first
place in the Novice B 20 inch jump
height division, Moya was the fastest
dog competing in all of Novice B for
that trial!
Some of the awards earned during 2005
A couple weeks later Moya was back in Canada
in pursuit of the final qualifying score needed to
complete her CKC Novice Agility Standard
(AgN) title. This was done with a perfect score of
100 and once again the fastest time for all of
Novice B.

Moya had a fabulous trip to Syracuse, NY in
November 2006 for the Leatherstocking Cluster,
where she earned four Rally Advanced Excellent
legs. Out of her eight runs, four in Advanced and
four in Excellent, she collected three perfect scores
of 100 - two on the same day!
CKC agility – July 2005
2007 has been another busy year. Over two weekends in June Moya earned three more
RAE legs, bringing her total to eight. Her RAE title was completed at the Wine Country
Circuit in New York with another double perfect score.

The pursuit of intermediate level agility titles began in April 2008, where a perfect score
and second place were earned in Open Standard. Early July saw two consecutive
weekends of agility where Moya’s Open Jumpers (OAJ) and and Open Standard (OA)
titles were completed, again with several placements. At the end of July a single weekend
in Canada netted both CKC Intermediate Agility Standard (AgI) and CKC Intermediate
Jumpers (AgIJ) titles, with several perfect scores and placements on all qualifying runs.
Since that time Moya has continued on through the Master level in both Standard and

At ten years old, Moya moved into Preferred agility. Between August 2012 and January
2013 she completed six titles, earning her Novice Standard Preferred, Novice Jumpers
Preferred, Open Standard Preferred, Open Jumpers Preferred, Excellent Standard Preferred
and Excellent Jumpers Preferred titles.

Now 11 years old, Moya views every day as a new adventure. Always opinionated, she
truly livens things up at home and loves to be the "Walmart greeter" of the house. Her
"go-get-'em" attitude and energy rival the Energizer Bunny, and we hope to enjoy that for
many years to come.
Moya’s pedigree may be viewed via
the link at the top of this page.


Heart – GR-CA7350/21F/C-PI
Hips – GR-82521G24F-PI
Elbows – GR-EL9168F24-PI
Eyes (CERF) – GR-25014
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