Miss Daisy Bonefeathers CD, RN
Daisy is our resident “head
honcho” and Daddy’s girl. She is
unrelated to our other dogs and
has never been part of our
breeding program. She does enjoy
helping to socialize puppies,
teaching them about interacting
with adult dogs other than their

Many people were pessimistic
about Daisy ever earning
obedience titles, saying she was
too much of a worry wart and
did not have enough of an
attention span to accomplish
anything. Tom never lost faith in
her and eventually they did earn
a CD title together. Due to the
early onset of arthritis Daisy has
not trained for upper level
obedience, but when rally
obedience became a recognized
AKC event she was back in the
ring with Tom again. Daisy
earned her Rally Novice title in
three straight trials, finishing the
title at the 2005 GRCA National
in Gettysburg, PA.

Daisy has also earned her Canine
Good Citizen certification, is a
TDI certified therapy dog.
March 2004 - Daisy finishes her CD
Daisy finished her Rally Novice title at the
2005 GRCA National in Gettysburg, PA
At nearly 15 years old now, Daisy is retired and enjoys a life of leisure. A few short
tosses of her beloved Frisbee, lying under the pine tree to oversee the gardening chores,
and a daily peppermint candy make her a happy girl.
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